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the US Capitol was thrust into chaos after supporters of USyupoo airpods pro President Donald Trump stormed Congress as it was certifying electoral votes of the November presidential election.

they will only dig graves for themselves.A netizen posed on Twitter in Portuguese that this is the first attempt coup in the American continent without the participation of a US embassy.yupoo airpods pro

LV Cluny MM Monogram Canvas_yupoo airpods pro

even if it needs gunshots toward unarmed people.the sixth day of the new year.On Wednesday afteyupoo airpods prornoon local time.

LV Cluny MM Monogram Canvas_yupoo airpods pro

Peaceful transfer of power is supposed to be a crucial political tradition of the country.They say the country should be invaded and its leader should step down or be overturned.

LV Cluny MM Monogram Canvas_yupoo airpods pro

the United States would invade the United States to liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States.

The woman who got shot was later identified as a US Air Force veteran.saying if there are US embassies in the US.

html); A member of a pro-Trump mob bashes an entrance of the Capitol Building in an attempt to gain access on Wednseday in Washington.They will have to be careful with this question - will an American Spring one day sweep the US?.

who is frenetic in doing one thing only - stirring up troubles and confrontation worldwide.not to mention killing any of them

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